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Featured in Marijuana Venture Magazine

"When we showed up there was no electric, no heating, no cooling and not even water for the 110-degree summer days"

Boggy Boon Owner and CEO Roy Arms was featured in the October 2017 issue of Marijuana Venture Magazine section "Living the Dream"! Roy opens up about the challenges of getting the farm started, as well as the current state of Boggy Boon. Read the full article, attached here, and be sure to subscribe to Marijuana Venture Magazine.

One topic covered was a cool experiment we held this summer where we tested growth rates of plants grown inside our greenhouses, vs outside exposed to the elements. We wanted to find out how much our greenhouses were helping with plant health, quality, & yield, so we placed dozens of plants outside in 5 gallon pots. We grew the same strains, in the same 5 gallon pots, inside our greenhouses to compare with the plants grown outside. We found across the board 15-20% better vegetative growth in the plants grown in greenhouses. Not only does our setup allow us to grow consistently all year round, but it makes our weed better!

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