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Boggy Boon selected for Top 5 Strains to try in Seattle!!!

We are so excited to be chosen as one of the top 5 strains of pot to try in Seattle right now! The Squatch Squad has been working hard, and its awesome to get acknowledged for the passion we put into the farm. Thank you Lester Black and the entire Stranger team!

Five Strains of Pot for Sale in Seattle That You Should Try Right Now

Whether you're looking for flower that's energizing, relaxing, or something more unusual, The Stranger's pot columnist has a recommendation for you

by Lester Black 10/25/2017

9 Lb. Hammer grown by Boggy Boon

In the American myth of John Henry—as told by Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, and Woody Guthrie—the railroad worker supposedly used a nine-pound hammer to outpace a steam-powered drill, only to die with the hammer in his hand when his hammer-pounding task was complete. The idea for this strain is it's supposed to deliver sedating effects as heavy has Henry's hammer. Boggy Boon's version delivers the necessary heavy hitting results, with deep purple leaves and aromas of musty and sweet grape. It smokes smooth and delivers an immediately sedating effect.

Check it out on the Stranger's website

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